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You've listened to our show, you've put our stickers on your stuff, but now it's time to commit to us fully by praying to us using an Official Cult Podcast Prayer Candle! Do you feel like you need more fun in your life? Pray to Paige the Patron Saint of Living Your Best Life. Want to pass an upcoming drug test? Get the Armando the Patron Saint of 420 Blazing It. Feeling cute but also feeling like you might delete later? Then you need to worship Andrea the Patron Saint of Adorable. That's it. We're full on a cult now.


  • Designed by Andrea Guzzetta
  • Candles are 8" tall and approx. 2" in width
  • Real useable candles (Prayer results may vary)
  • Unscented paraffin wax (Burns up to 100 hours)

Cult Podcast Prayer Candle

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