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Cult Podcast is a podcast. About cults. Duh. Every week Paige Wesley, Armando Torres, and Andrea Guzzetta cover a new group of fanatics and their insane leaders. These goofy jokes about horrifying subjects are a great way to remind yourself that you Don't Drink the Kool-Aid!

Each week two of the hosts come in blind as the third takes them through the story of a cult, their leader, and where they've ended up. Not knowing what to expect ensures that we get genuine reactions. Each episode is meticulously researched but structured in a way that is conducive to making jokes. It's the perfect blend of informative and hilarious.


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Main episodes of our show are released every Monday morning. Occasionally, we bring in experts or other fellow funny people to talk about topics of our guest's choice.


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Hosts Paige Wesley, Armando Torres, and Andrea Guzzetta's weekly podcast is a humorous look at every cult you think you know about, and loads that you've never heard of. What sets Cult Podcast apart from some of its chat-around-the-table-style contemporaries is how painstakingly well-researched their storytelling is (LOVE a good source citation!). As with their recent miniseries on Waco and David Koresh's Branch Davidians, the trio takes the time to explain the historical and cultural climate that make a given cult so attractive to its believers.

- Samantha Vincenty, Oprah Magazine

Paige Wesley, the creator and co-host of Cult Podcast, has also never heard of this specific cult. But if we’re talking Canadian cults, the Ant Hill Kids are the one to know. “This was one of the most famous cults to come out of Canada,” she says. Led by a man named Roch Thériault, “the bulk of cult members were women who he referred to as his wives or concubines,” Wesley says. “They were required as members of the group to provide sexual favors, with the goal of being impregnated as a part of Thériault's religious beliefs.” (As anyone familiar with the Source Family or Waco’s Branch Davidians knows, this is fairly run-of-the-mill cult stuff.)

Sydney Gore, A24 Films

This weekly podcast — which is hosted by Paige Wesley, Armando Torres, and Andrea Guzzetta — offers hilarious takes on both well-known cult figures and totally obscure ones. In addition to telling well-researched stories and offering fascinating miniseries, this podcast delivers info in a way that's fun and entertaining.

- Corinne Sullivan, Popsugar

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