Cult Podcast is a podcast. About cults. Duh. Every week Paige Wesley, Armando Torres, and Andrea Guzzetta cover a new group of fanatics and their insane leaders. These goofy jokes about horrifying subjects are a great way to remind yourself that you Don't Drink the Kool-Aid!

Each week two of the hosts come in blind as the third takes them through the story of a cult, their leader, and where they've ended up. Not knowing what to expect ensures that we get genuine reactions. Each episode is meticulously researched but structured in a way that is conducive to making jokes. It's the perfect blend of informative and hilarious.


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Main episodes of our show are released every Monday morning. Occasionally, we bring in experts or other fellow funny people to talk about topics of our guest's choice.



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If you don’t love this show there is something wrong with you. It’s informative and hilarious. Paige, Armando, and Andrea are wonderful. Keep up the amazing work.

- Todd Schlosser, The Horror Virgin

Three good friends, great jokes and returning gags, horrifying history, and interesting details, and 'gator lawyers, This show is fantastic. Paige, Mando, and Andrea (Yaaa) do such good research and lay out the history and development of people to cult leaders and the growth of other odd or curious groups in such an entertaining and informative way. Infused with the story is charming banter from their own lives. You can enjoy the show for just the ride it takes you on or you can follow up on the resources they share and go down your own rabbit hole. Thanks Tony Kansas for the Dome.

- Will H.

There are a lot of true crime podcasts out there, and quite a few cover cults. However, they pale in comparison to this hilarious trio's work. Informative, well-researched, and empathetic, the Cult Podcast crew approaches the dark, twisty world of cults with the right mix of levity and empathy fueled rage. Looking forward to hearing them cover my local cults in the future. Cults are spooky, but hearing about them from good folks with awesome jokes helps.

- iTunes Review